10-meter FM Frequencies
by joel Sampson / N5LXI

There is not a working metroplex 10-meter FM repeater. When the band is up, 10-meters FM is a lot of fun. You can work both simplex and through repeaters. There are many 10-meter repeaters, and you will often bring up several. I have worked a Mineral Wells, Texas mobile through a Boston repeater! That's 10-meters for you.

The standard 10-meter repeater offset is down 100 kHz. Some rigs automatically set the offset. Some repeaters may require a CTCSS or PL tone.

Mode Output Input Notes
Simplex 29.600 n/a FM simplex
Repeater 29.620 29.520 W1OJ in Boston
Repeater 29.640 29.540
Repeater 29.660 29.560
Repeater 29.680 29.580

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