Verified Dallas / Fort Worth
1.25 Meter (222 MHz) FM Repeater Frequencies
by joel Sampson / N5LXI

I got interested in the 1.25 meter band because a couple of my HT's included 222 MHz coverage, the Kenwood TH-F6 and Yaesu VX-6. I bought an Alinco DR-235 single-band transceiver for the shack. There is some activity on 220 and it's a good band to experiment with antennas.

These repeater frequencies were verified with an Alinco DR-235 tranasceiver running 25 watts and a Comet CX-333 at about 28 feet. My QTH is located in Lake Highlands, just north of White Rock Lake.

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The input is always minus 1.6 MHz on these 220 repeaters.

June 2012 update notes: The DARC and Irving 220 repeaters are under repair. The old TI 224.180 machine is down and not going to be working anytime soon. Too bad - it was the best in the area. There are a couple of closed repeaters (224.100 and 224.600), which are not listed. The Arlington machine is linked to their 147.14 MHz two-meter repeater.


Mem Output Tone
City Call Notes
1 223.820 110.9
Murphy W5RDW New listing – back up!
2 224.400

Irving WA5CKF Irving ARC – down 6/12
3 224.800 110.9
Arlington K5SLD Arlington ARC, Linked to 147.14
4 224.880 110.9
Dallas W5FC DARC – down 6/12
5 224.940 110.9
Fort Worth K5FTW Good signal in Dallas
6 223.500 n/a
n/a n/a FM Simplex Call


- Key-

The repeaters are listed in frequency order. The first column, memory, is where I programmed them in my radios. The frequency in the second column is the output frequency.

The next column, Tone, indicates the CTCSS frequency. In order to reduce interference most repeaters use a CTCSS, Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System. These tones are sometimes referred to as PL tones, a Motorola Trademark, which stands for Private Line. The low frequency tone is indicated in Hertz. Tones listed in parentheses have tones listed but do not seem be required.

The next columns are the city, call sign, and any comments I have about the repeater.

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