Family Radio Services (FRS) &
General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) Frequencies
by joel Sampson / N5LXI

The Family Radio Service or FRS is used on inexpensive walkie talkie type devices and do not require a license. Power output is limited to 500 mW (0.5 watt) and a fixed antenna. They can communicate up to one mile, usually less. FRS may have CTCSS tones. FRS is covered by Part 95 of FCC regulations. Some FRS channels are shared with GMRS.

GMRS or General Mobile Radio Service, requires a commercial license, not a ham license. Licenses are issued to businesses only, not individuals. Power ranges from 1 to 5 watts and repeaters are allowed. Here's some information on GMRS from the FCC website.

I list the frequencies here because many UHF ham transceivers can receive the FRS and GMRS frequencies. This may be useful for search and rescue operations with non-amateur radio operators. Note that most amateur radios are not type accepted to transmit for these services and frequencies. Listening is, of course, legal and fine.

1462.5625Shared with GMRS
2462.5875Shared with GMRS
3462.6125Shared with GMRS
4462.6375Shared with GMRS
6462.6875Shared with GMRS
7462.7125Shared with GMRS
8467.5625FRS use only
9467.5875FRS use only
10467.6125FRS use only
11467.6375FRS use only
12467.6625FRS use only
13467.6875FRS use only
14467.7125FRS use only
15462.5500GMRS only
16462.5750GMRS only
17462.6000GMRS only
18462.6250GMRS only
19462.6500GMRS only
20462.6750GMRS only
21462.7000GMRS only
22462.7250GMRS only

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