Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex NOAA Weather Frequencies
by joel Sampson / N5LXI

Most modern two-meter transceivers, HT's and all scanners can receive the NOAA weather broadcasts. The NOAA Weather Radio page lists all nationwide frequencies and other information.

I use the distant NOAA stations as FM beacons. If you can heard the distant stations, VHF is up! These stations were verifed with several radios and antennas. I can receive many of them on a HT. There are a total of seven frequencies used.

City Frequency Call Power   Notes
Dallas 162.400 KEC56 1000   Strong
Gilmer (Longview) 162.425 KWN32 1000   Very weak
Stephenville (Dublin) 162.450 KWN33 1000   Weak
Sherman 162.475 WXK22 1000   Can often copy
Cumby (Greenville) 162.500 KWN31 300   Weak
Corsicana 162.525 KXI87 1000   Weak
Fort Worth (Burleson) 162.550 KEC55 1000   Strong

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